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Head Coach Brian Kost has been involved in athletics since childhood and has always been a highly active individual.  He grew up playing competive baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling, and participated in a variety of other recreational sports as well.  He played baseball at the collegiate level and understands what it takes to be a winner.  At the conclusion of his college baseball career, Brian became an assistant baseball coach at the collegiate Division II level while also attending graduate school.  During that time, he also coached a Legion summer-league baseball team.  He took his team to the state tournament three out of four years.  Brian continued his training throughout his time coaching baseball and while in California for work, he started CrossFitting with a friend and coach at CrossFit San Diego.  After spending numerous hours at their facility in the spring and summer of 2008 he fell in love with the CrossFit sport.  Brian decided to take it to the next level, bettering himself and helping others become more fit through the CrossFit philosophy.  He became CrossFit Level 1 certified at CrossFit San Diego in September 2008.  Shortly after completing his certification, he began his CrossFit coaching career in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston, South Carolina.  In August 2009, Brian founded CrossFit Integrity.  CFI has now grown to be the most recognized gym of South Carolina, worldwide.  Along with its methodology, fundamentals, and intensity, Brian loves the community, comradarie, and leadership aspects of the sport.  He puts his heart into coaching and really enjoys teaching the techniques of the Olympic lifts and gymnastics.  In 2012, Brian became Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Gymnastics certified.  He is a two-time top 25 CrossFit Southeast Regional athlete.

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Coach Mishelle Lee is passionate about inspiring others to lead active healthy lifestyles.  Fitness transformed her life and she shares her passion for fitness everyday with everyone she meets.  Growing up she struggled with self esteem, body image and eating disorders and it wasn’t until she found fitness  and strength training that she empowered herself.  She began competing regionally in NPC figure competitions and transformed her physique through nutrition, hard work and dedication.  During this time period, she learned how much nutrition can have an effect on your health and fitness and she opened 2 health food cafes in Charlotte, NC to share her knowledge of healthy eating with as many people as possible. Just before the doors to her restaurants opened up in 2009, she walked into a CrossFit gym and was immediately drawn to the intense atmosphere and competitive nature of CrossFit.  She began to see more gains than she had ever seen as a globo gym member and figure competitor and immediately became hooked.  In 2012, she obtained her Level 1 certification, Olympic Lifting certification and her CrossFit Gymnastics certification so that she could coach others on how to better themselves through fitness.  She believes that through powerful goal setting and commitment,  anything is possible.  She is currently training to compete at the American Open, a national level Olympic Lifting meet and has goals to qualify for the CrossFit Southeast Regionals as a team member for the gym.


Coach Patrick Yib grew up playing football, running cross country, wrestling, and hurdling 400m in track and fields. He is the polar opposite of his sister, Coach Vanny Yib; whereas, Coach Patrick excelled more in the athletic fields and grew up as a jock rather than a nerd.  Coach Patrick was introduced to CrossFit by Coach Vanny and brother Khoung after moving to Charleston and fell in love at first WOD (which was Murph).  Infatuated with the CrossFit lifestyle, Coach Patrick pursued and received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in the spring of 2013 to apply his knowledge and fitness into coaching at CrossFit Integrity.

Coach Patrick is currently training alongside of Coach Mishelle Lee to compete at the American Open.  His individual goals are to qualify for the CrossFit SouthEast Regionals as an individual and to become Olympic Weightlifting/Gymnastics/Mobility certified.

As the youngest coach at CrossFit Integrity, Coach Patrick Yib’s personal goal is to cultivate each individual that attends his class to be the best they can be and leave the class more improved than they were before walking in the door.


Coach Vanny Yib excelled in the classroom and her studies in college. She was a nerd and now applies her passion for academics to the CrossFit lifestyle. She had no athletic background/training until joining CrossFit. After college, her fitness regimen consisted of Tae-Bo and step aerobic classes. During Thanksgiving of 2009, her brother, Khoung, a current CrossFit Integrity athlete, finally convinced her to try CrossFit. After going through 8 minutes of Cindy and two days of soreness, Coach Vanny had a newfound passion and was excited to go again. She joined CrossFit Integrity immediately after Thanksgiving break. Initially, Coach Vanny struggled with a lot of skill work, but her commitment, dedication, and perseverance drove her to become a better athlete everyday. She registered for her first CrossFit competition, the XY games, in November 2010 in Woodstock, GA. It was a team competition, and her team ranked in the middle of the pack. This was an eyeopening experience for her, and she knew wanted to be more engaged. She continues to train hard and compete. She obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certification in February 2011 and started coaching at CFI. In the box, she is known as “No Rep V” due to her strict standards. In 2012, Coach Vanny became certified in CrossFit Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting. Her goal is to assist individuals to step outside of his/her comfort zones and to achieve their greatest potential whether it is in CrossFit and/or life.

Coach Ashley Taylor found a passion for CrossFit in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.   After college I wouldn’t classify myself as super active or athletic.  I could never find an exercise program or sport that held my attention for more than a couple months.  After I did my first CrossFit workout I finally found the missing void in my life.  Being a military spouse, I decided to pursue coaching as a way to meet new people and be apart of a community no matter where we lived.  There is no better feeling in the world than helping people achieve their goals.

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Crossfit Integrity, Charleston, SC

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