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Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 November 30
by bk

Tempo Back Squat, 4 sets of 5 (using 45%-55% of 1RM)
-3 second decent
-3 second pause at bottom
-explode up
-1 second pause at top


3 rounds: (:50 on/:10 off, with a running clock)
-pushups (max reps)
-flutter kicks, 2 count (max reps)
-airsquats (max reps)
-abmat situpsĀ (max reps)
-double-undersĀ (max reps)

-rest 1 minute between rounds

Post loads and total reps for each round to comments

CrossFit Integrity, Charleston, SC

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  1. Justin F permalink
    December 1, 2017

    BS: –> 155#

    WOD: 581 Rx

  2. Rueben permalink
    December 1, 2017

    BS: 135#
    WOD: 684 (singles)

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