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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2019 May 28
by bk

4 sets of: (appx 18-20 minutes)
10 front rack box step ups (leading with right leg)
-rest 30-45 seconds
10 front rack box step ups (leading with left leg)
-rest 30-45 seconds
10 seated dumbbell shoulder press
-rest 30-45 seconds

*choose weight accordingly
*warm up to each movement before starting working sets
*choose box height accordingly


AMRAP in 11 minutes:
10 double-unders
1 power clean
1 power clean and jerk
20 double-unders
2 power clean
2 power clean and jerk
30 double-unders
3 power clean
3 power clean and jerk
40 double-unders
4 power clean
4 power clean and jerk
50 double-unders
5 power clean
5 power clean and jerk
60 double-unders
6 power clean
6 power clean and jerk
70 double-unders
7 power clean
7 power clean and jerk

…etc… until time runs out

Women: 95lb
Men: 135lb

Post loads and total reps to comments

CrossFit Integrity, Charleston, SC

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